The pri Plajerju farm

The 'Pri Plajerju' farm first began welcoming visitors in the beginning of the 1980s. Shortly afterwards the family had to move due to a huge rockfall which endangered life on the old homestead. The Pretner family made a new home only a few kilometres further up the Trenta valley. Stanka, Marko and their children Matevž, Jakob, Gregor and Maruša ensure that your temporary home will be comfortable. Guests at the Plajer homstead will get a truly authentic experience of life in the idyllic alpine valley, encased by the steep slopes of the highest Julian Alp mountains – in the Triglav National Park.

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Offers pri Plajerju

There are five apartments on the homestaed, which are named after the ear markings of small ruminants (sheep and goats). That is how they used to indentify the sheep on the shared high mountain pastures. It is also possible to spend the night in the hayloft, set up especially for visitors.

To ensure our guests' well-being, mainly natural materials have been used to furnish the apartments. The furniture is made from solid wood: spruce, larch, ash and maple. The quilts are made from wool and cotton, and the pillows are filled with wool and various grain husks. The slippers are also woollen.

Most of all, we are proud of the food we offer. It is simple, but made with love and inspiration. The food from Stanka's kitchen is healthy and is always made freshly with homegrown organic ingredients.

All the wastewater on the farmstead is filtered through a constructed wetland wastewater treatment system.


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One-day stay: +20%

Two-days stay: +10%

Tourist and promotional tax-adult: 2€ per day

Tourist and promotiona tax-children: 1€ per day

Pets: 14€ per day

Laundry: 7€ per machine



For guests of our farm:

Breakfast: 16€ per adult, 10€ per children (from 5 to 14 years of age)

Diner: 30€ per adult, 18€ per children (is expected every day except Sunday)


For visitors of our farm:

Breakfast: 20€ per adult, 14€ per children (from 5 to 14 years of age)

Diner: 40€ per adult, 25€ per children (is expected every day except Sunday)

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